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It is quite usual for any music lover to download music to their smart phone or copy the songs from computer and play on the usual music player. In both the cases, a portion of the phone memory is used and there is a limit placed to how much song you can download. In many cases, you just want to listen to the music once and then decide if you want to keep it or not. With your usual music player on the phone, you have to download the song, listen to it and then delete if you don’t like. With ShareOn Audio, you don’t need to go through the process as you can connect to the PC through Wi-Fi and listen to music without downloading them.

ShareOn Audio Presented by Spika Inc is a new app in the play store with its version 1.1.09 available in the store for free. The app provides you access to the stored music files of the connected device and plays all music formats that are compatible to android devices. The app supports various media services and not only you can play songs but you can share them with the help of settings menu. The app is loaded with features that make it a great option to be installed on your device.


  • With ShareOn Audio, you don’t need to download the song on your mobile device. You can just connect with the device through Wi-Fi and you will be able to access the list of songs and play them directly.
  • You can play songs from the phone too. It is possible to sort songs according to artists, album and genres.
  • The app is DLNA supports which makes it compatible with many other devices such as TVs apart from computer. You don’t require installing separate software for the same.
  • The DNLA supported speakers provide high quality of music.
  • You can browse and sort content on the remote device and you can search the required content.
  • If you have left the song at any point on your phone, you can play it from that point on the wireless speaker.
  • You can even access the iTunes library on the device and listen to those songs.
  • Next song can be accessed just through a swipe movement.
  • All audio formats that are supported by android can be played.
  • The app display is cool and new.
  • The synchronization is automated and at the same time the search result display comes with auto finish option.
  • The app is compatible with android 2.3 or later and the version 1.1.09 takes around 4.9 MB space on your device.

Summary: ShareOn Audio is not just a music player but it is a connecting point between the music in the remote device and the player in your mobile phone.

Good: The music player is available for free and the display is quite cool.

Bad: The compatibility with some devices is still under consideration which can be a problem for some users.

Worth Having Application :  Download the App


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