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When you’re on a road trip with your kids, the first thing to look after is that they’re properly fed. If you bring lunch for them and you still have them bickering that they drive you crazy because they’re full of energy, then you should download Play Places. Play Places is an application that instantly looks for the closest places in your area where there are playgrounds close.

If you’re traveling long distances, you may not have an idea of where you would need to go in order to get to a restaurant with a playground, a rest area with a bathroom and, you may not know if the kids will have the urge to eat or go to the bathroom while they’re there. Picking the right spot has to be an issue sometimes because parents usually want a place where it’s safe to take your kid. If you use Play Places, you will get many adequate spots in which children can spend all their energy, eat and use the restroom.

As any application for busy parents, this application is easy to use and you get what you need fast, just stop the car for a second, and use the application to find the nearest places, restaurants or restrooms nearby. Of course, you will need to have GPS enabled on Play Places in order to get the right directions based on your location. You will also get the number of the location to call in advance if you would like to write down the directions yourself.

With over 7,000 locations across the US, Play Places just keeps growing when it comes to their database. From the locations that are already available, you have McDonalds with play places available in your map as well as Chick-Fil-A and Chuck-E-Cheese. Burger Kings will be posted soon on this application, so parents can have a list of places to choose from.

The application has an overall of 4.0 rating with five star ratings as well as a one star rating. We cannot see the comments made on these reviews, since it is practically new to parents. However, we do urge you to understand that all applications start by having some bugs. In order to prevent these bugs, people who buy the app will comment on what needs to be fixed, so the developers can provide updates that fix these problems.

With over 2000 rest places in the US apart from the major fast foods and play places, this application provides many ways for kids to spend their energy and parents have the right to choose if they want their kids to go to a safe place or just drive around until they find something without getting lost in the process. Although the application will give you accurate directions, calling the place is an advantage since people just have to click on the number in the application in order to call.

As we stated before, Play Place is a paid application on the Android Marketplace and it can be used on phones or tablets as long as they have Android OS. The price is only $2.99 and it may sound a bit high for parents since GPS systems are available. However, GPS systems tend to send you through longer paths, they do not provide phone numbers and they won’t find a certain place if you don’t search and type through your Android device. While you’re driving, you need to have your hands on the wheel for the safety of your children. The application is as easy as clicking, calling the place in advance if you need to, and driving there.

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