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If someone had told me the idea of bursting colorful bubbles with your fingers to earn points on a phone screen, I would have immediately said ‘NO’. I have played so many similar types of games before that I am tired of all this. This was the idea which first struck when I came to know about this new android app named ‘Plopp’. I don’t know what plopp means but I took the risk to invest $1.21 for this game looking at the glorious snapshots and really, I made myself some dollars. No, the game doesn’t help you to make money. But it is surely much worthy than its actual price tag.

The concept of the game is simple and original. Plopp is a constantly spinning and growing circle. There are many different plopps of different colors. Each plopp has a point value inside it which keeps on increasing as the plopp grows. The moment you tap the plopp to burst it, the points at that time will be added to your score. But as you pop a plopp, a shockwave is generated. This shockwave bursts all the plopps in the surrounding. Each such shockwave has a multiplier value associated with it which gets multiplied by the number inside the plopp. But it is not that much simple. There are some twists. If any of the two plopps touch each other, you lose your life. Also, there are negative point plopps, the red ones, which will reduce your score. So, you have to keep an eye on all those continuously growing plopps to score as high as you can.

There are four different game modes- normal, survival, time and 20 plopps. While in survival, you are short of lives, in time mode, you are running against time. In 20 plopps, you can only pop 20 plopps. So, there are very different rules for each one and there is plenty to talk about. The graphics of the game are something which is not very often to be seen in an android app. The rich colorful display gives your eyes a spa treatment, really. You will just love staring at it. The background music also backs the whole package. You just can’t get bored with stuff like that in front of your eyes. The game just brings your happy moments back. The visuals are one of the finest I have seen in a long time. The effects are just awesome like the shockwave propagation in the atmosphere.

The game is fast paced and you will have to be quick enough to make it through to the next levels. There are about 80 levels. So, there is ample to touch and pop up. You need to be smart and a good observer. But at the top of it all, you will thoroughly enjoy it with a big smile on your face every time you will play this game.

So, there is nothing much more left to say. Just check out this game before its prices hikes, which might be possible in this case.

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