Plumber Reloaded – A Fresh Plumbing Game for the Android

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The concept of learning through playing has caught on like wildfire and is now widely practiced by people of all ages and groups, ranging from kindergarten schools to corporate offices. The use of logic games helps expand the brain and also makes learning enjoyable for everyone depending on their age and learning levels. There are extensive logic games for children, youth and adults that aid them to think in a way they have never thought previously. This results in augmenting the brain’s capacity logically. One such fascinating game is the Plumber Reloaded game for Androids.

It is a very simple as well as a fun game that can soon become an addiction! It is a fast paced thinking game which requires the player to take the role of a plumber and connect similar color pipes to one another. It does sound very simple, but the catch here is to connect them without crossing paths! The obstacle here is that the player is restricted to one grid and with the time running fast, the player must think and act fast. If you fail to connect the pipes within the set time, then you will lose all your lives and the game will be over!


There are other similar games, but the biggest difference from others is that, this game is not based on turning the pipes. The goal here is to join them together. The game is made challenging as it has 5 different difficulties and over 200 levels to overcome. Each level has its own graphic theme and the sound effects are highly attractive and encourage you to keep playing the game.

  • It offers 3 modes to choose and play, such as: Standard – In this, you can cross levels one after another. Time Attack – This has 3 types – summer run, sprint, and marathon in which you have to cross varying amount of levels in order to solve it.Third Mode – This mode just enables you to practice your skills.
  • The game has 200 levels across five stages of difficulties.
  • Each stage has a different graphic theme.
  • Each mode takes different amount of random levels from each difficulty to solve
  • Interesting sounds accompany the game. The sounds motive the player and contribute to an overall positive experience.
  • The developer even offers an option to translate the game. To do so, users have to email the developer from the ‘About’ screen of the game.
  • Plumber Reloaded requires Android 1.6 and up.
  • The app stores the names of players and their scores and you can review the list by sorting with ‘Today’, ‘Last Week’, ‘Last Month’, or ‘All the time’.
  • You can set the game to operate the way you want by adjusting vibration, shake threshold, animation, position,
  • The game is free of cost and can be downloaded from the app store.


Plumber Reloaded is for sure a simple and addictive game. For users who like continuous play, a refresh or undo button would have helped because it can be a bit tiring to keep going back to the main menu every other time.


To conclude, the Plumber Reloaded game for Androids is a great game that can aid you in building your logical skills.

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