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Political Party Scanner is a photo taking and scanning ios app. The application lets you either take a photo within the application itself or choose a photo from your album to do a prank stunt.

The prank is to declare your subject being taken is a Democrat or Republican. The application is called a political party scanner for a reason. It declares the subject taken in the photo as a republican or democrat with a red chop. After that, you can share the photo via Facebook, Twitter or Email to surprise your friends. You can also save the modified image into your photo album.

I feel this iphone application is useful only during the US elections because this is the period where the hype is. Everyone will be talking about who will win the elections. This application will allow you to pull a fast stunt on your friends when you email them their photos being declared as a Republican or Democrat. They will definitely be curious on how you altered their photos. This application can be a subject of a talking point during coffee breaks or at outings.

However, if the elections are over, this application will have less hype and the usefulness of this application will decrease after the elections. It is one of those apps that are seasonal and have their usefulness during a period of time like those Valentine day or St Patrick related apps. Currently, the functionality of this application is limited besides taking a photo and labeling the subject as a Democrat or Republican. I feel this application can add certain features like location related information where most of the “Republicans” or “Democrats” are taken on the map of USA. This information can be later translated to how many percentage of the whole population of USA are supporting which political party. This kind of statistics will be cool to show off in Facebook between your friends. You can also have this photo in Facebook timeline during the elections so that like-minded people can gather together based on the locations tagged.

Other than the above mentioned, I could not think of any better ways to utilize this ios application to its fullest potential. You can download this application for only 99 cents now. It is not expensive to own this application but you can definitely look at the comments people give after seeing their photos being modified by this application and of course see the weird expressions on their faces.

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