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I’ve always felt a little looked down on by my professional peers because of my small issues with phrasing in the English language. And while I have used similar apps to Polly Verbs in the past, none of them have really been helpful, until Polly Verbs came along.

My native language is Spanish and my accent is not very thick but it is still more than I would like. Polly Verbs is wonderful for both teaching the proper use of harder phrases in the English language, and giving great pronunciation assistance. I found myself a little embarrassed by the words no one told me I was saying wrong, and now feel very confident knowing I am saying them correctly.

As a long time speaker of English this app is already very helpful in teaching me phrases that I realized I was getting wrong, but was afraid to ask correction for. I am always connected to my phone and because of that, always connected to this awesome learning app!

My favorite feature is that I can bookmark a phrase so that I can give it practice time later. I’m always finding something I can happily improve upon in my English skills.

Having spoken English for a long time, and it was easy for me to breeze my way though the first set of themes. Then I learned there are 4 more sets of themes, I was expecting them to all be easy, but they were’n’t. The themes are set so that they get harder as I go! I’m still working my way through the fourth one, and love breezing through for refreshers whenever I feel like I need them. When I’m riding the bus I can skim through the daily phrases with my headphones on and have learned several new ones this way. In the short time I have owned the app we have already installed it on both of my parents phones. It has no problem even assisting my very thick accented father on how to correctly say something, we even think the app has taught him to not say “Raise my hand,” instead of “Raise your hand”! . Mama loves that we can play games to see who is doing better with what phrases, this app makes learning fun for them as well!

Of course the very best part of this app is that it is a FREE app that actually works, they have a steady running facebook page all about learning better English. And the updates show that the people who make Polly Verbs really care about our feedback!

If you are learning English, or even consider yourself a native speaker, I fully recommend this app. It has been more than helpful on phrases and has stayed very fun to use. Even if you already speak fluent English, the harder levels of this app can teach you phrases that will spice up your vocabulary so you aren’t simply saying the same things over and over again.

Thanks Thinkmyapp for a wonderful app that has helped my entire family.

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