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How many times have you heard that one of the ways to keep your kids focused and interested in math is to make it seem like a game? With Popmath Maths Plus, doing mental math is as easy as downloading this fun application, where you pop balloons in a determined amount of time. This application was made for iPhone, iPod touch and iPads, so your kids can easily compete with their friends and use this app while they’re in the car or anywhere where they need to be entertained.

The PopMath application can be easily downloaded through the iTunes App Store, and the interface is very easy for kids to manipulate. Balloons with different colors float around the screen, and all you need to do is tell your kids to pop one balloon for the problem and another with the solution. The game is all about pairing up problems along with answers in the least amount of time in order to get more points. Mistakes that are made will not make the balloons pop, and will be shown as the level ends. You can also see the time it took for your kid to finish all the problems.

One of the things that could be fixed with this application is the ability to sign up with different profiles. If you want to recommend this app to your friend or colleague, they usually start a new game, which will definitely erase your own progress. Parents have rated it at five out of five star reviews for their simplicity and engagement from kids as well as adults. Ever since the application came out in 2010, it hasn’t gotten the attention that it should get from parents who want to get meaningful applications for their children.

With a three star review from many people, you might come to your own conclusions about this application before seeing the reviews. The application, however, only has forty ratings when this review was made, which is not really accurate enough for people to know if this app is good or not. In fact, one of the reviews that we could see, stated that this app could improve by adding more problems to the screen, so that kids can easily guess the answer because there are too little problems.

What makes this application interesting is the ability to teach your child math at an early age, which studies show that it could be meaningful in the long run when they take advanced math courses. Whenever you open this application, you should take a look and check if your child is really guessing the numbers of if they really try to get the answers right. If you look at it one way, this application is only worth ninety nine cents and you might enjoy this more than any other meaningless applications with things that you might discard or delete afterwards. Math is a universal language, and kids these days need to have an incentive to practice it.

If we look at the benefits and versatility of this application, you can easily control what types of operations your kids are carrying out. You can choose to put only addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for your kids with a single tap on the main menu. If you would like for them to learn about everything, it is also just a tap away. As far as multiplication goes, you can easily manipulate the types of tables that will appear on the balloons once your child starts playing. For example, if you want the application to posts problems up to the multiplication table of 5, then your kid will not see multiplication above five unless you change it. Overall, this application is worth the try and it is also affordable for everyone.

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