PowerTapper : Play Hard to Win Your Enemies !

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PowerTapper is a different type of game which surprises people. There are no unique game controls. You will not fuss about bad game controls which will affect your gameplay. In this game, all you need is to tap the drum to make your soldier advance forward and deliver combo hits to your enemy. There are no complex game rules which you have to remember like fighting your enemy out of the ring etc. You just need to tap the drum rapidly to store the power-ups and deliver those nice combos to your enemy on the right.

The game has various stick men which will join the fight. It is like an open battlefield but you have to face it horizontally like a platform game. I will not associate it like a platform game where you just need to run and jump. You just need to tap in this game. The combos are explosive in nature. You can slice your enemy left and right or deliver a powerful blow that will crush the tower buildings to the ground. Call it exaggerating but this is what is portrayed in the game.

The building and the stickman comes together in this game. Once you conquered the enemies’ territories, a new defend tower will be built in honor of your victory. Similarly, if you are defeated, your defend tower will be taken off from the game and your enemy’s tower will be built where your defeat lies.

Overall, I feel this game is similar to a strategy game. In certain scenarios, you cannot tap the drum too fast or it will be spoilt. When the drum is spoilt, your enemy will take the chance to defeat you with lots of combo moves. In this manner, the offensive enemy towers will proceed and invade your territory. The game lacks a game hints guide. I lost to the grey defense tower a few times in the game even by rapidly tapping the drum. There are no game hints which will tell me what I should do to defeat and continue the game. Dying a few times in the game is not cool.The gamer can abandon the game out of interest and download other games to play or may even delete the game since they cannot continue the game. I hope the developers can include some form of game hints or walkthrough on the critical parts of the game so that the gamer can continue to be interested in the game.

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