Prehistoric Park : Android Game to Make you Feel Creative

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The pleasure that creativity can provide is unmatched with any material gain. You may be ready to spend any amount of money and ready to as far as needed to make and see something beautiful, but when you have the option to create something beautiful in your android device, then there is nothing like it. Prehistoric Park by Gear Games is such an app for your android device that would wake the creative corner of your mind up and provide you will ample opportunities of showing your creative self.

The app, as the name suggests is all about forming a prehistoric park. Originally, in the age of caves and apes there was nothing that could induce fun in the life. However, here, the user can create a prehistoric park, and perhaps the biggest and first one in the history. It is to make the life of the people fun in such an age. You can design the park the way you want. Plat trees wherever you like to, build a snack bar of a drinking fountain or include a lot of rides in the park you build. Though you start with a small piece of land, you can expand the park and make it as big as you want to. The best part is that the park is not limited to your device; you can share the achievements and scores with your friends, too.


  • The prehistoric park is a colorful app for your android device and the view of the app is quite captivating.
  • There the sixty rides to choose from in the app. Merry go round, mammoth hide; stone slides, water rapids and extreme rollercoaster are some of them.
  • The dinomotors is a ride that is operated by a big dinosaur, which makes the park even more interesting.
  • There is no ending to how much you can play this app. the game will continue till the time you want. You can earn through the shops that you have placed in the park and buy new lands and other items with the money.
  • The game allows you to build different serving stations for serving the guests. You will need to appoint workers to work in the stations and that way you can get money.
  • There are different achievement levels to reach and share. You can play the game with your friends and compete to see who can make the park faster and bigger.
  • The keys are quite easy to operate. Each of them is touch based and drag and drop features are applicable here.
  • The game can be downloaded free on your android device that supports android 1.6 or up.

Summary: Prehistoric Park is characterized by infinite level and infinite expansion and never ending course of customization. The game looks interesting and the graphics of the game are captivating. The game comes with several options and items and you will learn to operate them as you progress with the game.

The game is a never ending journey of creativity and fun and the items in the game are interesting and designed smartly.

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