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Mobile revolution and advancements made in the smart phone industrial sector have made each and everything done in our laptop or PC to be executed in a more user-friendly manner through our mobiles. There are more than million apps in the App Store and its number is increasing on a day-to-day basis, with the basis of transforming online services and other solutions at the touch of your finger. IPhone and iPad are the leaders in revolutionizing the smart phone technology, but printing emails, documents and other materials that are stored in the iPhone has been a hassle for a long time. Print n Share is a printer app which has been developed and launched by EuroSmartz Ltd for the iPhone, iPod and iPad users. The app requires iOS 4.3 or later versions for its effective functioning. The app is a boon for the small and medium scale businesses for sharing information, file storage and other documentation to be carried out over the internet and remotely too.


Print n Share app allows the user to print documents directly from iPad and iPhone devices to a wide variety of printers and also remotely. The app allows you to print emails, documents and other materials in a quick and easy manner from iPhone and iPad. Users can also transfer their files to and from their computers to access and print them. The app also supports a wide variety of printers and different file formats. Print n Share also allows the users to print to most of the wireless printers and to the printers that are connected to the apple devices. The exclusive feature of the Print n Share app allows the users to print remotely using 3G or 4G. Users can modify a document on-the-go and keep the documents available in printed format at their destination. Users can also activate the app through other in-app purchases. The app also has several other customizable features offering immense value for the users.

ü The app is designed in a user friendly manner, with distinct tabs and clear design.

ü Users can print their documents over a wide range of printers.

ü Print documents remotely and over 3G and 4G.

ü The app also has print preview option in which the users can select the required pages that need to be printed.

ü The app also offers document storage features and can be used as a powerful reader. Users can also convert their files into PDF.

ü Power email client of the app allows the user to access their multiple accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail and other email accounts through the app.

ü The app also allows the users to print calendars, shipping labels, addresses and much more.


Print n Share is a great app of immense use for individuals, working professionals and for business owners. The app can be easily downloaded from the App store for just $4.99. Download the app and print on-the- go.

Good – Cloud transfer.

Bad – Cannot be used efficiently in older versions of iOS.

Worth Having App : Download the Application


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