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It is the leading web-based project management software solution. Many of the high end portfolio and products are either too expensive or too complicated for project teams. Most low end project management software programs lack functionality for the more experienced project manager. The Project Insight bridges savvy project managers, who require powerful project management features, with team members that want easy to use project management software.

It is the web-based project management software, allows project teams to plan, execute and succeed. By providing a centralized place for all projects and resources in your portfolio, it also keeps everyone on the same page. Whether your project team is global or local, web enabling your projects brings efficiency and productivity to all levels of the team.

Team member tasks are automatically distributed to team members’ portals. Project Insight gives team members a list of My Tasks so there is no question about what they should work on. The time entry grid provides team members with a list of the projects and tasks that they are to be working on that week. This view provides them one simple place to update percentage complete and actual hours

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  1. Web-based Project Management Software.
  2. The Project Insight bridges savvy project managers.
  3. Is it easy to learn?

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