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Improving PM Practices offers a website for project managers to find the best articles and references for efficiently managing their projects. It has a professional and refreshing look and feel with a lot of tools for project managers. The content on the site can be used by managers for their project assignments. There are many articles on project management from different authors, along with discussions that can help better and improved PM practices.

All project managers need to finish their projects within stipulated time frames and, at the same time, they also need to maintain the quality, so they will surely need the services of sites, such as With this site, project managers from all over the world can have an opportunity of learning the best PM practices right from the comfort of their home or office.

Articles and Reviews also offers several articles and reviews on software by professionals and experts in the field. For instance, you can find information related to the latest software available for using as a platform for managing and collaborating with your team, so that you can submit your tasks within the deadline. Project managers can read about the latest software, such as Teambox, the features present in the software and how it can benefit project managers. You can also view the price and go to the concerned website to view the product or software in detail, know more about the targeted market of the software to decide whether it would suit your purpose, its social networking features, the free and pro versions available and so on. There are also articles along with video clippings that offer you tips on affordable software for managing projects. You can download the videos on the site and listen to talks from experts on the subject and about present day problems and solutions to project management. In addition, you can make comments and post your opinions as well.

Submission of Articles

If you are interested in submitting your articles and wish to share your expertise with others, you can write and submit your articles related to project management without any costs attached. All you need to do is to contact the email id of the editor and provide your article, a software review and so on. You could also use the site for advertising your product, as it can be reviewed on the site with a free submission service. However, you need to submit original content and must be related to best practices in project management and principles. You can even provide links and your service or business logo in the article. You can then link the article to social media, such as Facebook or Twitter to get more benefits.

Meeting Business Needs

In short, is a website that meets the needs of all executives and heads of projects and offers tips and ideas for efficient planning and collaboration among team members, so that organizations can get the job done in as short a time as possible and within the budget specified. They can use the software information on the site to simplify the management process, using optimum features of time tracking, reporting as well as analyses, all of which can be done quickly and more efficiently.

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