Pronto: The Most Secured Messaging App

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Pronto is an application where a user is allowed to create and send disappearing messages to any of the friends. Moreover, the user can use Pronto any messaging application which makes it user-friendly and unique from others. Pronto uses confide secret messages to maintain the integrity of private messages. Pronto not only sends text messages but also sends photos and videos with possible customizations. Pronto application is compatible with iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 9.3 or later. Pronto provides many unique and attractive features which are useful and effective at the same time.


1) Gallery Photos and Videos: The user can not only click live photos and videos using Pronto but also can send the clicked photos and videos from the gallery itself. The user can share old photos and videos with the friends over any messaging application just with the help of a touch. The user can even zoom in the selected photo, can also swipe to the right filter suitable for the photo and can also save the customizable photo again to the gallery.

2) Set Message Time:Pronto not only allows the user to share the photos or videos with customizable text and filters, it also allows the user to set the timer for that particular message. Now the friends can see your message only for a particular time period and after that time period, the message disappears automatically. The user can allow the message to last for 24 hours on the Pronto application.

3) Screen Shot Protection:The unique feature from Pronto prevents anyone from taking the screenshot of the user’s message. The feature can be enabled or disabled as per the user’s requirement. The message timer helps in the self-destruction of the messages but screen shot protection protects the private messages from screen shots.

4) Message History:Pronto application also keeps all the history of the messages helping the user for better tracking of messages and the conversations. In the messages tab of Pronto application, the user can even edit the label of the messages and can also recall it. The generated link of the secret message can be shared with the friends and they can view the message with the respect to the message timer.


1) Instant access to the photos and videos from the gallery.2) User-friendly interface.3) Compatibility with different messaging applications.4) The benefit of recalling any sent messages from the message tab of Pronto application.5) Varieties of amazing filters and customization options for text.6) The self-destruction of messages.7) Screen shot protection makes the application #1 secure messaging app on the market.


1) The message timer should have more timing options.2) The user cannot select multiple photos or videos for sharing purposes.

Final Verdict:-

Pronto Application is #1 secured messaging app as it has all the features which maintain the basic standard for the messaging app. Moreover, it also takes care of the privacy of the users. It also allows the user to have fun with amazing filters and draw or write on photos or videos with the help of editing tools.

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