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How to Protect Your Android

Your Android phone provides you with everything you need to make modern living easier. Whether its checking out an important business email while you’re on the go, taking care of your bills through banking applications you’ve downloaded or simply enjoying a game or some social media in your free time, your device most likely plays a huge part in your daily routine. In order to ensure your phone is able to stand up to these demands in the foreseeable future, you need antivirus for mobile on your side.

Protecting your phone with AVG means you’re getting the best virus protection on the market. This free app allows you to perform and in-depth scan on your phone and its many, many files anytime, anyplace, so you never need to worry about your device being damaged by viruses or malware. There are also several other ways this app helps you to protect your Android phone, such as:

  • Allowing you to scan Wi-Fi networks and websites you’re using to prohibit any malicious content to take root in your phone, or sensitive information by being accessed by unapproved parties.
  • Offering you a service known as camera trap. This service allows your phone to use its front-facing camera to snap a picture of potential intruders who have input the wrong passcode into your phone three or more times.
  • Giving you the tools needed to track your phone via Google Maps if the device happens to be lost or stolen.
  • Providing you with several anti-theft measures that help keep your phone’s information secure, such as the ability to wipe your SD card from a distance, turn on the ringer remotely, and even locking the phone in the event that a thief attempts to change the SIM card out.

AVG offers these benefits and many, many more in order to make your experience as a smartphone owner easier and less stressful than you ever could have imagined.


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