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How much time it takes to create an album from a whole lot of photographs that are stored in your mobile? It should be quite massive and even then you may not be able to remember the location where some of the photos were taken. Your memory will be stored but without a tag and things will get lost in the jungle of memory in the long term. Globus photo album, an android app has made it sorted with a mechanism that creates automatic album for a trip or an occasion. Globus photo album, presented by JinJ Team is made for the people who love photography and want to share their work with the whole world.

Using Globus photo album app is quite easy and it is compatible to most of the android phones. You just need to start the app in the beginning of the trip or in the beginning of the party. The app will store the photos according to its location and date and the album will be ready for you. Not only that, Facebook album is created with a single click of the app. The usual camera of your mobile is used and you only need to start and stop the app as per your requirement.


  • The Globus photo album provides you an option to create albums in various ways. The app will first provide you an example how things are created and then you can go on with the app.
  • The app records the location of the photo automatically once you turn it on.
  • The album presentation is done quite innovatively by the provider of the app. It looks like a globe in which the photos are shown. You can choose to see a slideshow or you can slide to view the pictures.
  • When you are about to create an album, just put the app on and click picture. Create a name and details for the album and once you stop, the album will be ready for you.
  • There are five types of photo selection available in the app.
  • The app itself is quite neat and clean.
  • Zoom option and adding music to an album facility is available with the app.
  • You can create album by date, selection of photos, location, according to the folder or jus random way.
  • The automatically created album can be uploaded on Facebook quite easily.
  • You can download any album from Facebook to your smart phone.
  • The version 1.3.0 of the app is available for free and it takes around 1.4 MB space on your device.
  • This app can be downloaded by any mobile with android 2.2 or later.

Summary: Globus photo album is photography related app that has to offer a lot of features and can be quite interesting and fast when you are going for a tour and want to create a photo based on the location and date.

Good: The display is cool and the process is quite easy to understand.

Bad: You cannot create as many albums as you want. There is always a limit.

Worth Having App :  Download the App


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