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Many global users like to have important notifications like this site provides the service for you. It offers the service like one who is busy can get timely updates whenever their favorite blogs and applications are modified.

It can be though received via text messages, and be served as voice alerts. It has a savor where central push feed provided for those who like to remain up-to-date, but are in no hurry to know their new developments. For establishing the setting is as easy as would it be.

The required account is developed by stating basic particulars, and you have to mention your email and/or your phone number, according to the wish how you want to be communicated. Also you are requested to subscribe to the feeds which you require to be displayed on the push feed window.

It is said that suitable API is allotted for those among who adore the concept which lies at the heart of this site. You can also procure an API ID and a key.

Visit this site at http://www.pushnotify.com and post your reviews as comments

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