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Ever since puzzles have been invented as a maps cut into small fragments, puzzles have been popular among a huge crowd, possibly leading the path to other puzzle genres for retro game consoles. Today, it is a huge market consisting of many different kinds of puzzles on websites, interactive applications and Puzzle Man Pro does not fall short on that application. Puzzle Man Pro provides an outlook into bigger and harder puzzles starting out with the basic steps and then having you lose sleep to link the correct puzzle pieces with their hard modes. The game consists of finishing the puzzle and, if you want to have that challenge, within a certain time range.

Rated four stars by iPod users, Puzzle man pro has been known for its fun features such as a custom jigsaw puzzle in which you can put your favorite picture and a puzzle will be created. One thing that would set this apart from the rest is the ability to share your custom puzzles with other people, but we do leave that for developers. This version of puzzle man pro has better reviews than the last version, maybe because of the ability to create your own puzzle and just being able to zoom it and out of the puzzle with just a pinch on your screen.

What are the features?

Within all the features that make this app powerful is their ability to rotate pieces as you double tap them. The application is fast when loading and there doesn’t seem to be a problem when it comes to speed. You can check out your progress and your timing once you click on the information button (time stops once you click on this button during your game). Puzzle man pro is an awesome way to kill time and have some fun. Your children can take advantage of this app, since this can probably replace many expensive educational points out there and usually children love to play with the iPod, iPhone or iPad which is a plus for this application. The application is also available in Catalan and Spanish which you could share with family and friends out there.

What about the cost?

Compared to other applications in the App Store, Puzzle man pro provides more of a solid structure regarding features and the customized puzzles. This application is free and, if you want more challenges, you can purchase more puzzles for only 99 cents, which is affordable for an intuitive game such as Puzzle Man Pro. While the website could have many more features to offer, this app is great and will continue to flourish as the updates roll by. Stay tuned to their page to see the latest updates on the newer puzzles or the full version if you want to check out what it’s all about. Their Facebook page appears with the name of the last application, which is Puzzle Man, so feel free to check that out as well if there are any doubts or questions that you may have for the developer. Puzzle man Pro is a great logic game that provides hours of fun for any age and has just been released, so it will get much better from here as the updates roll by. Puzzle man pro is also affordable and has to look much better on the iPad because of its bigger screen. The pictures are high definition and the landscapes on it just look amazing so download this app for free because you have nothing to lose.

Clever Puzzle to play – Download the Game Now.



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