Pyrus: For Better Task management and Team communication

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No matter the size of the team. Task management and Team communication can be a pain. But this does not have to be a problem anymore. Pyrus, a technological start up has come up with a solution to this problem. They have created a web app that helps teams with their task management.

What is the Pyrus app all about?

Pyrus is a web app that allows you to assign, delegate, approve documents and automate the process of task management. With the pyrus web app, everything is organized according to your inbox, this includes who a task has been assigned to, what they have to do and when the task is to be done. With this app, you can’t just create a task arbitrarily, you have to make it clearly who you have assigned the task to. This app feels and works like your normal email and needs very little training to use.Features of the pyrus app

1. Delegate Tasks– This web app allows you to delegate tasks to your team members easily. Using the app, you can create a task, choose who has to perform the task and set a completion deadline.

2.Approve documents– If there are documents that needs to be approved after completion, pyrus allows you to delegate the task to the correct individual and specify who has to approve it. It is only available to the person who wants to approve them once the task is complete.

3. Communicate with a team-Pyrus functions as the normal email. It allows you to communicate with your team members on a task in process by commenting on the task. The messages appear as task comments.

4. Organize tasks into projects-The app allows you to organize your tasks into projects easily. With this app, you can create projects, choose team members,set time limits and so on. With this app you can do everything associated with project management.

5. Track time spend in each task-Proper project management is all about ensuring that projects are completely within the allocated time and with out most accuracy. Pyrus web app allows you to track the time spend on individual tasks of a project so as to ensure that the project objects are met.

6.Create customized forms РPyrus enables you to create user forms without any help from the developers team. That could be used for all types of standardized inquiries like expenses reports, applications, etc, so all these requests will be gathered in a predetermined way.

7.Customized workflows – you can organize business processes inside Pyrus, setting routing for the forms data, defining who and in what order will approve the form. You also can set who fills the form and who controls the process.

Benefit of using pyrus

1. Efficiency-Unlike other project management products that add more work to a project instead of reducing it, pyrus actually reduces the workload through simplified task management process.

2.Ease of use– Many project management software are overly complex and do not function the way their users want them to. Pyrus address this problem by providing a easy to use way of project management.Using the product is just like using a normal e-mail.

Pyrus comes in both a free and paid version. Apart from having a web app, they also have mobile app for every major operating system. You can download the mobile app in all mobile app store. The desktop app can be downloaded from their website. Try the free version of Pyrus and enjoy the smooth easy and efficient task management.

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