Pyrus – Team collaboration solution for a better work culture

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Pyrus is a team collaboration and communication solution that helps people and organization work together to create a productive environment. It simplifies the business process model with it’s slick user interface and helps to manage the work flow in an organized way. With it’s easy to use task delegation and event managing features,users can plan an event or implement any tasks quickly and effectively. Pyrus even helps users to share documents within the team members and have them review and provide comments to create an effective work culture.

Pyrus can act as a social Interactive tool for any organization which encourages fun filled work environment. In this social media craze era, Pyrus can energize your team with it’s interactive user interface. Pyrus can help the organization to solve real business challenges in an interactive and collaborative way to achieve solutions for complex deliverables.Communication is the key factor to solve complex business tasks and with Pyrus, members can easily communicate in a collaborative way.

With Pyrus, It’s very easy to convert a normal email into a task. Create a task and add members to it inorder to have a productive group chat about the task and by keeping everything in one place, Pyrus helps the members to understand better about the task and provide an effective solution. The conventional way of email communication has always been a problem and there is a huge possibility that members may miss some of the email threads, but with Pyrus keeping every conversation in one place, makes the work progress easy. Even if you add a new member to the task in future, the member will be able to get all the information needed about the task in one place which creates a collaborative work environment.

Pyrus is the best solution for agile work culture. The task delegation and tracking has always been a headache in the organizations, but Pyrus users can easily track who is responsible for what at any point of time. Every task in Pyrus is assigned to single person at a time which helps everyone to clarify the task ownership and responsibilities, inorder to keep the team in same page. Pyrus helps to meet the Project deadlines by assigning a due date for each tasks.

It is easy to manage the access levels of each tasks and nobody will have access to the task threads unless you grant them the access, this way the sensitive information you share among the team is maintained securely. It is easy to have private communication threads for each tasks and projects to retain a secure relationship between the business owners and clients. It’s easy to split the big tasks into more granular subtasks and maintain an isolated and secure collaboration.

Are you tired of searching the task related conversation in conventional emails? then it’s time to switch to Pyrus. With Pyrus searching the tasks has been made easy and more convenient. Pyrus is integrated with Google drive, dropbox, etc to maintain all the task related files in one place. With it’s smart inbox you can hide a task or snooze a task whenever you needed a friendly remainder. It’s easy to organize the task related notification in one place based on the action requested. It’s easy to unsubscribe from a task when your role on that task is completed and it’s to archive a task when it’s done. Just organize and work in your own style.

Pyrus allows you to work on the go with it’s fantastic integrated mobile applications. Pyrus keeps you connected wherever you go with it’s seamless and powerful collaboration with any devices like laptops, smarwatch, iPhone, iPad, etc. it’s seamless synchronization and helps you to continue the work on the go from where you left off.

Pyrus is very quick and is designed to attract any size of companies. Pyrus is already been used by companies of all sizes, from tiny two-person startups to 7,000-employee financial institutions around the world. Pyrus’s daily active user/monthly active user engagement metrics exceeds 61%, an indicator of healthy user loyalty within the enterprise messaging app category. When people start to use Pyrus, they keep using it.

Key features and benefits of the Pyrus platform include:

  • “Smart Inbox”, a single list where all items relevant to a user arrive
  • Organizing the inbox by showing only items that require an action
  • Tagging people to bring tasks their attention
  • Listing tasks by assignee and sorting tasks by due date
  • An audit trail and a referable link for every decision that gets made
  • Full-text search on tasks and attachments
  • Integrations with major cloud storage providers: Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive
  • A native app for iPhone and iPad that works offline
  • Collaboration with internal and external teams, even if they aren’t Pyrus users
  • The ability to turn an email into a task
  • The ability to securely download backup data anytime

Pyrus’s free features are available for an unlimited number of users, and its paid plans with more features start at $0.16 per user per day.


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