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Qtok is the leading translator in the mobile industry, covering over 35 different languages in your pocket.
Unlike other software driven applications, Qtok incorporates live conversations between you and the translators. Its basic methodology involves three easy steps which are:-1) You need a need a Translation2) You talk to a Translator/Interpreter3) You have your Conversation.

Qtok offers a 24/7 service incomparable to most, where you choose your translator and agree on the price, which can also be free.

Qtok live communication does not limit it to voice conversations, it also integrates instant messaging and video where you can send files and pictures.

Why Qtok

Qtok is different from the common software driven, automated translation services because:-

1.) Understanding:- Through the live conversations with our interpreters, it is easier to communicate in whatever accent or language that is understood to both you and the translator, including slang or any humorist talk.

2.) Participation:- Not only do we understand, we thrive by involvement. Through actual talking and engaging the clients, the app through our interpreters ensures that your needs are full satisfied during the active participation of the conversation. This includes help in real time situations.

3.) Price:- Most affordable prices in the market and some translations might even come free of charge.


Communicate with real people all over the world with over 546 interpreters.

Communicate in tough situations which call for specialized help e.g. medical emergencies e.t.c.

Affordable prices according to our needs and also free translations available.

Experience private communication for both personal and business needs.


Qtok is easily available at the App store in English, German, French, Russian and Spanish.

The App is designed for both iphone and ipad requiring iOS 8 or later and is compatible with ipod touch also.

1.) Open Qtok App. Check for the available translators (Qtokers) and discuss (for free) your needs or start immediate translation.When both have agreed on the terms, click the button and the paid service will proceed.

2.) Quick ordering;- involves checking on bids placed by the interpreters including their prices, rating and country of origin. Here ou choose the one that suits your needs.

3.) Book a translation for a later time which will be communicated to you.

4.) Complete and Evaluate the translation, helping other users through your feedback.

5.) Tips are facilitated by the App, if highly satisfied.


What is a session?

The time you spend communicating with the translator. You are charged for each session according to the translators’ rate.

When do i start paying for a session?

Paid sessions start with your approval. All conversations prior are not charged, these include the discussions on what you need and any inquiries pertaining to the price rates.

What is a quality rating?

The App gives you the opportunity to rate the interpreters, whereby your feedback may assist other users to make decisions on which interpreters to choose from. Usually the most sensitive areas that are of importance include;-

  • Speed of service
  • Quality of service
  • Overall impression of the interpreter
  • Forward your feedback by clicking on the submit button.

In concluding the above review, Qtok is the no. 1 translator App in the market readily available and accessible all over the world from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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