Qubity.com – Best Tool to Manage your Tasks

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With this collaborative task management web application you can control all of your day-to-day tasks for all of the work and personal projects in your hectic life. You can also generate your favorite structure to manage tasks for yourself and your collaborators. From this potent web application the flow of tasks is very similar to real life. The prospective tasks can be accepted, delegated, completed, and sent back with a new deadline.

This expedient web application has many savors that were created for the global users. You can plan your work and obtain a general vision of all of your projects using your personal Gantt (time line) or you’re General Panel. It is also possible to view every task that you have created in a Workspace graphically using the “Gantt” page. By this cogent tool it shows your tasks, where you can drag, re-plan, and accommodate due-dates as needed.

It is considered as an excellent companion for productivity and possible to view the status of tasks you have sent to others as well as the tasks of the team. Eventually you have a global timeline, where you can view all of your tasks from all of your Workspaces in one place. With this persuasive tool you can view what you need to know and in which Workspaces you need to work on a day-to-day basis.

This potent web application virtually generates cogent discussions and share opinions with your collaborators on the discussions page. In deed you can also add “followers” so your team is always informed of the most recent updates and posts to the discussion.

You have every possible Workspace which has a “Dashboard” wherein you can share comments and see the stream of everything that occurs during a project. Eventually you can find all multifarious savors which completely assuage global users.

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