Raah – Powerful App to Track Your Travel Map

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Raah Trackme web app is a vehicle tracking system that runs on the iPhone Safari web browser. This application makes use of the location services of iPhone to monitor your current GPS co-ordinates and report the speed in miles or kilometer and updates the number of coordinates captured during the user’s session. You can stop the tracking at any one time by tapping on the “stop tracking” button. If there is certain idle period where the vehicle is not moving, the application will pause and refresh in the safari web browser for 1 second or so and report the number of kilometer tracked as very little as one. After the tracking is stopped, you can tap on each of the route start time to see the map on the iPhone where the tracking has been done.

The distance travelled is highlighted in yellow. You can see the time and the km/hour tracked in a table format. Similarly, on the desktop computer or laptop, you can login to the web site to see the enlarged map and statistics captured on the iPhone. I personally feel the map is best browsed on the laptop or desktop computer as it allows easy scrolling of the map by moving and dragging parts of the map with the mouse. On the iPhone, it is harder as it depends on the 3G connection to see parts of the map being refreshed. Furthermore, the screen on the iPhone is much smaller than that of the laptop or desktop computer. You can easily see more of the routes on a laptop or desktop computer compared to an iPhone.

The developer has optimized the tracking of the vehicle in the web application so much so that the application only tracks every 10 seconds to conserve the usage of the iPhone battery. Previously, there is a bug in the web application that does not track longitudes between 100 and 110. But after a few rounds of the testing with the developer, he has fixed this issue. When using the tracking application, you see the speed and coordinate count being updated most of the time.

Personally, I feel this tracking web application will be useful in tracking the mileage covered by taxi or cabs. Because certain cab drivers tend to over-charge the passengers, this application can play a part in producing a report that consumers can email to the taxi companies when the taxi drivers over-charge them on certain occasions. Similarly, the application can be used by staff in companies to produce claim forms together with the travel mileage.

Raah Official Web Page – Click to use the App


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