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RaceMyFace is a selfie contest where individual iPhone user can be able to express their creativity and personality.The ability to express uniqueness with friends or loved ones moreover their are prizes fro the best selfie photos.Users are required to vote the best selfie images and moreover post their selfies with friends and loved in the most creative manner.

RaceMyFace work for individual who are 1 years old and above however users must download the application on their iPhone.This application is only compatible to iOS 8.1 operating system that is from the Apple group of companies company’s.iPod, iPod, and iPhone however the application is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

Given the fact that the RaceMyFace represents a contests between users the application special and unique features that make the contest interesting.The images taken either by friend s or loved one is clear and gives the user an option to vote whatever image is best taken.

The contest is sponsored and has rules by which users are suppose to follow when using the application such that if the policies are gone against penalties are due.

How it works

Their are number of contests which the user is suppose to join in at a time in that they are suppose to participate in a minimum of ten contest at a time.Given the application their so many contests which are available, nevertheless, the contests are free to join at any moment.Users are required to participate in the contest at their own time and own free will.The challenges represents given scenario in a given selfie taken and posted of the website.

This application may let any user to win prizes if only they participate in a given challenge that is best represented on their selfie hence making them to get more votes from participants.In case of any issue with the site of the application users have been given a chance to report their own issue to the support team in the given email of the site or just click of the support mail and sent whatever problems one thinks is relevant or has encountered.

The application also offers an tutorial on how this application works such that in case the users do not know how to use it they are directed after watching the tutorial provided by the application.Apart from winning prices users can also gain popularity during the contests because the best photos are posted and announced on the site.in addition, users are also given the mandate to share with other social network like Facebook twitter among others.

If any contestant wins the prize He or she required to provide credential and secure information about their credit card to sponsors thus the prize will be send to them.

The application is among the best applications which entertain and award users having unique features,creative and best features within its design.The given selfie contests users are subjected to high technological devices from the iPhone platform of new products and designs.With experience RaceMyFace is the best application users can ever have for entertainment and winning prizes.

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