Rails : Game of Logic, Timing and Creativity on iPad

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If logical games are your cup of coffee, then Rails sure is an excellent choice. It follows on the path of usual timing and path drawing games, with the setting of a train. The aim of the game is to lay down train tracks such that every train makes its way to a station of the corresponding color. In the failure of this happening, the train will backtrack. The game tests your speed by seeing how fast you can complete it as you lose more money with more time taken. You have the simple controls of changing traffic signal lights, changing track directions and placing tracks by tapping. With this, you have to set it all right.

The difficulty level of the game is quite high indeed. It sure is not a casual game to say the least. You have to look into so many things at the same time and make sure that they are all right. To make things easier for you, there is an elaborate tutorial which explains all the details and mechanics of the game well. This tutorial, however, is part of the level select menu, while it deserves to be part of the home page so that no one misses it.

The feature to control traffic controls adds quite a bit of fun to the game, making it all the more interesting. You can add traffic lights and rail switches to the tracks, both of which can be very helpful when you are trying to avoid a crash, while trying to make many trains run on the same track.

The Rails iPad app is priced at a whopping $2.99, which is a little overpriced. It is worth the price but when you consider that there are numerous similar apps that are prices at much less and provide almost along the same lines, then you will see why it has not had too many downloads. It comes with 60 exciting levels and is one of the best among all the apps in its genre. It has been customized for the Retina display of the iPad and the graphics look great on its screen. The music and sound have been done mighty well too.

Another great feature in Rails is the ‘Trainopedia’, a summary of the details of the many types of trains offered in this game. This includes 12 different trains that come in steam locomotives, electric locomotives, handcars and a very varied range of other trains. To add to the interesting factor, the app has some fictional trains such as the ‘Crazy Trains’ or Kamikaze, which refuse to stop and those with time bombs. If you are just a beginner, then you would like to go for the demo level to get a better hang of the game.

Rails is an app for those that wish to get their grey cells thinking. You not only need good logic but also timing and creativity. The fact that are so many types of trains, each to be sent to the right station, and many factors to be considered, you will get glued to the game before you know it. This game is solely dedicated to those who like to rack their brains and think hard to achieve the goals set before them. You can go ahead and compete with others who are in the app’s Game Center.

Good: Trainopedia, multiple train types

Bad: Slightly overpriced, tutorial should be made more noticeable

Worth Having Application – Download the application


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