Rails : Involving Logic and Timing

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‘Rails’ is an exciting railroad game developed by Belight Software Ltd. that is a remake of the original Shortline Railroad, a sensation of the 90s. It can be downloaded from the App Store in the Games category. The latest version was released on March 20th in 2013 and is available in the 1.0.3 version. The size of the application is 75.4 MB and it is available in both English and Russian languages. You will need an OS of 10.6 or something later. It is a cerebral logical game meant for the iPad.


  • It is a logic game in a train setting and can be compared to path drawing games.
  • The player has to create train tracks and manage them, so that the trains are able to make it in time to the correct location.
  • The player must lay down the tracks in such a manner that every train reaches the station having the same color. If the trains do not reach the same color station, they start backtracking.
  • The game is also supposed to be played fast, as the player gets more money if he accomplishes the task in a shorter time.
  • The controls provided are for tapping the tracks into place and for changing the traffic lights or for changing the track direction.
  • There are various levels, sixty to be precise, offered with the help of addition of traffic controls. You can also add traffic lights and switch rails and can use these for avoiding crashes. You can also use the same tracks for several trains.
  • The app also offers a ‘Trainopedia’. This provides details of the different kinds of trains used in the game. These are steam locomotives, electric locomotives and handcars and so on. There are also several imaginary trains that make the game more interesting, such as the ‘Crazy’ train that keeps going and the Kamikaze trains.
  • The game offers a demo level, where beginners can just mess around before playing the actual game.

The Good

The new version offers some Russian localization as well. This is a game that will really make players thin, as it involves logic and timing. An excellent tutorial is offered along with the game and it helps explain all the mechanics that go into the various aspects of the game.

The Bad

The game is only compatible with the iPad. Moreover, it is not just a casual game but rather difficult and one that requires a lot of thinking. You need to account for a lot of things. Another aspect is the price. It is quite an expensive application, though definitely worth it. If you just want to play a casual fun game, you need to look elsewhere.


Rails is a thought provoking, creative game that needs a lot of creativity, logic and timing skills. The player has to consider a lot of factors when he tries to build tracks and avoid crashes. He has to deal with several types of trains and see to it that they reach the right station. If you enjoy tough thinking games, you will surely enjoy Rails.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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