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Remember the Jetpack Joyride game? Remember that endless game when it seems like you will never finish it and the more you survive the more you want to finish that game. Ramboat is also one of those endless games in which you have to defend yourself in order to survive. Don’t imagine that this game is a one level interminable game. It has lots of level in which you have to evolve and play with the other characters, like a team. You have your principal character, Mambo, who is fighting for his live.

In one of the first levels you and your character will be in a boat on the river and you have to defend your character in order to save him for the enemy’s bullets. That’s right, you have enemies in this game, lots of them. And they are constantly trying to kill you. But in that boat, Mambo it’s not alone. He has a gun, a big black gun for defending against his enemies. Ramboat it’s a shooting type game, so be ready to hear and proceed a lot of shooting.
The main goal of this game is to finish more and more levels, so that Mambo could kill all his enemies and be safe and alive. Do you see that shiny little golden coins? Collect them because with those coins you can upgrade your characters strength, guns, protection and you can buy a lot off stuffs that can ease Mambo’s role in this game.

The game was released in February, 2015 and his last update came out on July 1, 2015. In this new update you will meet new friends and team characters who will help Mambo through the levels. And talking about levels, there are several new exiting levels that will be submitted with these new update. So stay still and wait for it, because it will be a blast of fun and entertainment. Through the game you will meet eight awesome personages, you will fight and you will move through the jungle with ten crazy cars that will actually save your life a dozen times. And the best part it’s yet to come: you will have the best ten insane weapons to shoot with and a dozen of moves to choose for your crazy and courageous friend, Mambo.

Ramboat can be played only on iOS devices and its graphics are actually insane. The game looks so real that you actually feel the shootings on your skin. Don’t think about this game that it’s just another long and boring shooting game. This one it’s unique and for you to pass all the game’s missions you will need some military tactics strategies and some really great skills in killing your enemies. The game’s size it’s 88.4MB and you actually need an age limit to download this game and that age limit its 17 years old.

So, if you like how the game sounds, don’t hesitate and downloaded it now! Of course, if you are 17 years old. Start playing and you will see how awesome the game really is. And don’t just sit there. Create new missions and plans to destroy Mambo’s enemies, help your friends and collect more and more coins. Download the games now and let the fun begin!

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