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What an incredibly amazing app worth getting! This is none other than the Rebtel app which has taken the social networking platform by a storm. It is absolutely the best app that has completely transformed the way individuals can get in touch with each other from abroad with much ease. To prove its prowess, Rebtel app has perfectly integrated all the phone lines that are found in the entire globe into one access point. This has been achieved to enable its users to make international calls at relatively reasonable and affordable rates that are unimaginable.

Rebtel Version 4.0.5 Unveiled

In order to boost its operations, Rebtel app has been upgraded and is available in three mostly used languages; French, English and Spanish. Thus communication is made pretty easy and extends to different people all over the world. All that one now needs is just to go ahead and speak freely without any impediments to cause distractions. With the main purpose of Rebtel app being to liberate and free up different international calls, the users are introduced to non-internet based calls offered at absolutely no cost. Another interesting thing to note about this app is that it enhances high quality and clear sound communication. No any cases of inaudibility experienced at all!

Get Started With Rebtel App

Every experience emanating from this incredible app starts by downloading and installing it in the mobile devices. What follows is an opportunity to get linked to international lines without the aid of the internet. Surprisingly, the connection is perfect and seamless without any sort of interferences. This clearly indicates that Rebtel has taken into quality great consideration in quality and performance in order to offer its users the utmost communication solution. The designers who are the Rebtel Communication Services are known for great innovation and indeed, this is absolutely the best of its kind.

Platforms to Operate Rebtel App

This amazing app actually requires upgraded mobile devices in order to exhibit great performance and strong capabilities. Such devices include the Android type or iPhone devices (including iPad and iPod Touch). For the Android device, the performance of this Rebtel app mostly depends on the type of formation applied in the device together with an efficient operating system applied (the most recent operating systems are known to be effective and delivers great performance).

Distinct and Unique Features of Rebtel App

Quality- based affordable calls

Rebtel has made international calls that seemed absolutely expensive into something that is just close to nothing! This is indeed relief to international callers as they are bound to save lots of extra dollars once they own this great app. Interestingly, the high quality aspect has been incorporated to make this app much better. Why wait then? Don’t miss out such great services!

Done Completely with Bad Reception

Clearly speaking, bad receptions especially from the internet-based international calls have been really discouraging. With the aid of Rebtel app, everything happens smoothly through the consistent direct contact with other people abroad. Besides, no cases of phone being hanged up by receptionist anymore!

Stable lines, more consistent talking

This is a great feature that has been facilitated by Rebtel to help link its users to stable and efficient communication lines. There are absolutely no cut-off links that can disrupt connections. Everything is catered for by Rebtel. This is why it offers over 1 billion calling minutes to its users annually.

Free Rebel Calling for 2016

With the introduction of this amazing feature, users are allowed to make free calls for the entire year (of 2016). After that period, a small fee of only $1 monthly will be charged. Users are also able to access the World Credit which can be used to recharge their lines for communication. Besides, there is the subscription option for Unlimited Calls across the globe at a very affordable rate. It is worth trying out!

Below are the benefits and demerits spotted in this Rebtel App


· High performance that last for long period

· Quality formation is exceptional

· Saves extra dollars for other uses

· New improvements- no bug issues now

· Absolutely convenient- used anywhere any time


· Doesn’t support video calls

· Takes long time to solve issues on app

Final Verdict

There are quite a number of social networking one can come across, right? Apparently, the qualities exhibited by Rebtel are outstanding in a way that it is just incomparable! From high quality sound formation, performance, continuous efficiency to its user-friendly nature; this makes it worth downloading. It is available in Google Play at no cost at all. A great app worth owning!

Worth Having App – Download the App