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Are you about to remove your pricy app from your iphone because you will be traveling for a month or some weeks? The exorbitant rate of data downloads on roaming often forces people to remove the apps. This makes the iphone, a simple touch phone which have features, but you cannot use them. However, the scenario is going to change and you will not be asked to sacrifice your regular activities when you have Viatun on your device. This is an iTunes app developed by Viatun Software Inc, and it can save up to 80% of your data plan.

Viatun is the latest and most efficient VPN service available in the market and you can purchase it for a month for $0.99. The rate for six month usage is $4.99, while for one year, it is $9.99. However, the company provides 3 days free trial for you to understand its efficiency. You can double your data plan with the help of this app, and pay quite less for the same. The internet access is fast and secured and you can access restricted websites through this. The app makes sure that you can surf the net with anonymous IP address.


  • VIATUN is the latest VPN service which saves up to 80% on data plan.
  • The traffic economy provided by the app is quite significant and thus it lowers the cost.
  • You can access the internet being anonymous, so even if a website is blocked in your region, you can access it with VIATUN.
  • You can run all your apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Opera, LinkedIn, e-mail and more and save a lot, even if you are travelling.
  • The app is perfect for people who travel a lot because the data download charge decreases to a huge extent.
  • The app is compatible to 3G, EDGE, WiMAX, 4G and Wi-Fi network.
  • The app compresses the traffic and thus the download is limited.
  • As your IP is hidden you can access restricted websites under corporate or any other network, staying behind the restricted firewall.
  • The app has antivirus protection for saving your device from any sort of external virus attack.
  • Your Wi-Fi connection is protected via public hotspots.
  • You can check your internet speed with the app.
  • You can access blocked VOIP in your area with the use of the app.
  • Encrypted data transmission makes the data download secured.
  • The app is compatible to iPod touch, iPads, and iPhones with iOS 4.3 or later.
  • The version 2.0 of the app takes only 2.2 MB space and you can regularly view your amount of saving with the help of the app.

Summary: VIATUN is a VPN service that provides lots of savings on your internet usage. The app is designed to decrease the data change and it allows you to be anonymous on the web. It is a rental based app where you require paying the monthly dues to use the features.

Good: The speed is fast and the interface is clear enough. You can actually see your saving on the screen.

Bad: Three days free trial may not be enough for a new user; it could have been a week for the user to understand the app.

Worth Having Application – Download the application


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