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ReferralCandy is an application created by Zach C, enabling easy setting up and measuring of referral marketing. Those who are used to using Dropbox’s referral program will find it easy to understand how it works. It offers businesses a platform offering a plug and play solution.

How it Works?

Suppose a user makes a purchase at a site. The app detects the purchase and offers a referral invite mail to the user inviting him to the referral campaign at the site. This is sent immediately, when the brand name is still fresh in the user’s mind. The user can then send a link in the email to his friends or share it in the social media just by clicking on it. When one of the friends opens the mail and clicks on the link, he lands on a page that leads him to the original site. He makes a purchase with a discount and the first user is rewarded when the app detects the successful referral.

Excellent Traffic Provider

Many online shops have found ReferralCandy to be very effective in driving traffic to their sites. They have also noted that their sales have increased within a short time of using the app for their site. Moreover, it has also been noted by many sites that the referred visitors tend to spend more time on the site than a regular visitor.

Coupons and Word of Mouth

The app is able to reach out to customers, offer them discount coupons. The retailer can also make a selection from different e commerce platforms such as Amazon Webstore, Big Cartel, etc. The retailer can generate additional sales for the company and the app soon pays for itself. The retailer can also check out how often the referral is being shared and keep track of the progress. You will need to be patient, however, to see it work. The developers also offer a free 30-day trial, so you have nothing to lose, as it encourages your customers to bring in more customers. When a new customer comes in, he is offered a coupon that he can share with friends and if the coupon is used by anyone he refers it to, he receives a bonus. The app works on the idea that people who don’t know you are told about you by someone who believes in you and trusts you. It works. Using your own customers to drive up your sales by using their peer influence is a great marketing solution.

Clean and Easy

The user interface is simple and clean and is also easy and quick to set it up. It is a super sleek app with a clean design. The support team also responds very quickly, proving it to be a very effective marketing tool for all types of stores. You don’t need any technical background to integrate it in your store and you can quickly activate the referral campaign. The templates offer text that can be customized. It can be useful for all retailers, whether they offer a service or a product or a consultation. The app has great potential, especially if there is a dedicated staff in the store to monitor the progress and track the app’s effectiveness.

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