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This site has better way to manage your tasks. An intuitive interface makes managing tasks fun. Set due dates easily. The extensive keyboard shortcuts make task management quicker than ever. You can use the map to see where your tasks are located in the real world.
You can also see what’s nearby or on your way, and plan the best way to get things done. It is possible to receive reminders via email, SMS, and instant messenger (AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Skype and Yahoo! are all supported).
You can share, send and publish tasks and lists with your contacts or the world. You can remind your significant other to do their household chores. Adding tasks is as simple as firing off an email even from your phone. If you see an important date on the web then adds it to your list with Quick Add.
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  1. Madav

    Thanks for sharing the info.Looks sound .


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