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Remindeo is a free online personal assistant. You can send yourself & others important dates, tasks or even make notes to read later. It’s an excellent resource for organizing ideas, thoughts, tasks and appointments, anniversaries, birthdays, things to-do and so much more.

Basically all you have to do is add a reminder like any of the ones mentioned before and you can program it to appear right when and where you choose – in your email a text to your cellphone, a notification on your smartphone you can even sync it to you Google calendar. What’s awesome about this app is that it not only allows you to plan with a reminder calendar and a day planner, but you also can write notes, make to do lists, pretty much write anything that doesn’t need a reminder but you might want to remember.

The feature that I found most interesting and convenient was that you can send reminders to your friends, or coworkers. You have a project do in 3 weeks, or a meeting tomorrow at 4:00 PM? Want to remind your friend that you birthday is coming up? You can mass send a reminder just by adding their emails.

One of the questions that came to mind when reviewing remindeo was what’s the difference between remindeo and Google calendar? Well sure you can set reminders on Google calendar, sync it with your smartphone, send email reminders; you can even invite other people to view your calendar. However, you need to have a Gmail account to access your calendar. While Remindeo all you and your friends need is any email account and/or a phone. Also Remindeo isn’t just for reminders but for things you want to remember as well.

I tried to find flaws on the platform and the only thing that I found that I could pick on was the lack of a spell checker. With other reminder services they have a spell checking feature that is not available on Remindeo. If you are sending a task to an employee or a client I think you should feel assured that it doesn’t have any typos. Other than that I couldn’t find anything wrong with this service.

On Remindeo’s website, they list the conveniences for freelancers & self-employed people, business managers & project managers, students, and for personal use; but it’s really just different examples and applications of how to use the same features explained in the previous paragraphs. Like remember to complete a task on a set date, don’t forget a meeting or deadline, make notes while researching a topic and share them. Send and receive SMS reminders, add a to-do list. Tell your friends about your birthday party and include email directions (or a list of the presents you want!)

Web User Magazine, a magazine based in the United Kingdom, says “Forgetful types will appreciate this simple but effective reminder service… Remindeo’s smart interface makes it easy to use, and includes such handy features as an online calendar and birthday reminder wizard.” While KYW Newsradio, a radio show based in Philadelphia USA, believes that Remindeo is “very handy.” Cool Site of the Day, a website that ranks other websites ranked Remindeo in its Top 4 in 2009. says “The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, allowing you to enter dates for virtually any appointment, event or task”.”

What really had me convinced was the high end businesses and governments agencies, like Allianz, Fujitsu, HSBC, NHS, O2, TATA, Thomson Reuters and Vodafone that use this free service. If fortune 500 companies believe in this product and use it with their day by day business then, I am pretty sure this is a great product for most small business and professionals.

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