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Forgetting is something which is most often blamed on preoccupation. Yeah! People I am introducing you an application which can help you in reminding a day which you don’t want to forget. Don’t worry; if it’s not your anniversary, then, it could be your first date. ReminderGuru is a simple, yet powerful web application which helps you to schedule reminders.

I have tried a number of reminder applications to aid me in completing my tasks. However, the only problem which I often encountered was inability to get remainders reach you. Most of the standalone software applications set alert as audio warning and that too when you are in front of the application running in the background when you are at work. Maintaining separate application in your phone makes life complicated with data synchronization. Thus, I found reminderguru a comprehensive tool which can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Reminder Guru Your Personal Assistant:

Starting up with application is very easy, all it requires is signing up with a valid Email ID. The application allows you to add any task like birthdays, events, bill deadlines etc. Both one-time activities and recurring activities can be scheduled in reminderguru. Recurring tasks can be scheduled on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. The pop up window, used to assign time and date for a task is absolutely cool. As it is a comprehensive window for assigning date, month, year, and time. The complete history of pending and completed task is archived for your reference.

The reminder alerts are well thought off and are planned in such a fashion that it can reach you anytime and anywhere. Alerts can be assigned to a task as SMS alerts, Email alerts or even as phone call alert. One of the coolest features of the alert system is the automated speech technology reminding you about your schedule in case of phone call alerts. I had been recommending this application to all my friends, but I was amazed that almost all were enquiring about the safety features of the application. To prevent compromising of your account by automated system every schedule entry is validated using a CAPTCHA test. Moreover, all the SMS and Phone call alerts are made from a particular number only, this ensures safety from unsolicited messages and calls.

What Else You Could Wish:

Presently, SMS and phone call alert facility is available to only those residing in USA and Canada. The application is absolutely free to use. The only drawback of the application as I would see is that the alerts are sent at the scheduled time only. If options could be provided, to prioritize task and customize its alerts with multiple time would have been a perfect aid in a professional environment. All my friends to whomever I recommended the application have loved it and are using it extensively making it an integral part of their work schedule. The only one who doesn’t want to use the application is my friends who have selective amnesia and does not want to get caught for ignoring alerts.

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