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It can be implemented in any website within minutes. If you are operating a website then after a quick sign-up you get an activation code and you can create the reminding button in mere seconds. The code supplied will be needed to be coded inside the website.

If you are visiting interesting websites and wish to get a reminder to revisit them then simply click one of the RemindThis buttons and start enjoying yourself. You can add a RemindThis button to any website. The website visitors will click the button, ask for a timed reminder, receive a fitting message in due time and traffic to your website grows.

So it is wonderful, facile, efficacious and free of charge service. The global users are no longer required to bookmark every single site that they come across and that appears to be promising. They can now be reminded to visit it later on, and see how right or not their first impression was.

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    Suitable application. thanks for sharing it.


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