Remote Phone Android App to Control Your Smart Devices

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If you want to gain complete control over your Android, then Remote Phone app is just what you need. There are times when all of us are in the dire situation when we happen to lose our phones or we update to latest software versions and in this process, lose a lot of valuable data such as texts, contacts and a lot more. It is at such times that we feel the need for a device that could be used to activate another of your devices to control it from any place at all. This is exactly what Remote Phone does. This app has been developed by and is available for android phones only.

Through Remote Phone, interactions with a smart phone become very simple and easy. It is one of those devices that you only dream about and hope it would come into existence soon. You can use this app to interact with your smart phone from just any PC or another device with a web browser on it. You only have to log on to the website of the app from any browser and then begin controlling your android phone right away. Besides this, you are required to have a Drop Box account for sure. Unless you already have one, it is advised that you create one. This will not take more than a few minutes.

Once you log in from a browser, you have the power to text, call, check the battery status, and other important features from a PC or a portable device that you can use to log in to your browser. Using the device position option, you can relocate your smart phone if you ever happen to misplace it and are unable to find it again. Use your browser to change phone settings, set alarms and even call. You can also set your blue tooth devices when your phone is out of reach. There are also options to take pictures and record videos with this app.

In the event of losing your phone, Remote Phone provides protection to your phone by blocking any access to it. This is done via the creation of a PIN number during the log in to the website followed by the required settings changes. You can locate your phone and use the app to delete all of your data so that it is not misused in any way. Your Drop Box account serves as a back up for your data from the phone. Hence, there is no fear of losing any data. Also, your privacy is maintained purely confidential. The data you enter will transmit over SSL lines. This allows access only to you by you to your phone.

This app is highly useful and is a must for every smart phone. And the download is available for free on the Android market. So, just download the app and gain control over your smart phone from any distance at just any time. Handling a smart phone could not have been made easier.

Good- Control and protect your smart phone from any place

Bad- You need to have a Drop Box account and can use this app only on touch devices.

Worth Having App – Download the Application


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