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Diary is an essential part of your school belonging and it is one item that you require carrying to school every day no matter what the routine is and how much classes are scheduled. Not only during school days, but diary is also quite important during your college days and till the time you are into some sort of routine based formal education. However, the heavy load can be parted away if you have My School app on your iDevice. This is a special app designed for students of any curriculum and can be used with ease. My School, presented by Paul production will compile your schedule, tasks and votes for subjects in the simplest form and will make recalling easy.

My School is an app that comprises of three things, routine, votes and homework. Here you can store your routine for everyday in an organized manner and check them back whenever you need. Along with the routine you will get other information such as teacher, duration and specification of the subject if you choose to store them. The votes will vary from one subject to another and it can be anything from weekly score to weekly chapter coverage that you want to count. At the end of the month, you can calculate the average and get a clear idea about your current standing. The app actually discards the requirement of a school diary as it can also store home works scheduled for the next day.


  • There are three sections in the app, time, vote and task. The time portion will be used to store the schedule or routine, the vote will store the number for each subject while the task will comprise of the homework.
  • This app is specially designed for students, from elementary class to university level. It removes the need of a diary.
  • It is quite easy to use the app and create a routine. All you need to do is to tap the + button on the right top. You can add subject, classroom, teacher, lesson and more to the box. All fields are optional and you can save even without filling all boxes.
  • You can see the information by double tapping on the specific subject in the specific box. You can always edit things.
  • Votes section will show the average for the subjects. Click on the respective book to see the average.
  • You can store homework along with exam with the subject in the task section.
  • The task section is connected to the time section and a dot will appear on the time section where there is a task attached.
  • You can also select if the task is done or not.
  • The version 1.6 of the app is available for $0.99 and it requires around 14.8 MB space on your device.
  • The app is compatible to iOS 5.0 or later.

Summary: My school is a complete diary app that you will be able to carry in the most sophisticated way, wherever you go. The app will reduce your burden while making compilation easy.

Good: The graphics will remind you of the school black board.

Bad: The app is a complete one with no issues reported.

Worth Having Application :  Download the App


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