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Resfly is web based recruitment software, which allows you to easily post your jobs and hire professionals by posting the job on multiple job boards and social networks. It speeds up the hiring process as it has all the features needed to assist you in the hiring process.

With Resfly posting a job is a very simple three step process which starts with creating the job description. You enter your job details such as the job description, its nature, salary etc. You then add any additional questions which you would like the candidates to answer; you get more choices at this point too as to how you would like the candidate to answer the questions i.e. via MCQs, written response or a video response. Finally you choose where you would like to post this job. As you sign up with Resfly you get a free hosted career portal. You can opt to post the job at this portal, job boards and off course the social networks or all three; depending upon your requirement. You can also edit the jobs description or anything else you have entered earlier and this updated information would be propagated to the job portals. You can very easily manage your portal.

All you have to do is upload your company’s name, description, and logo; there are pre set themes to choose from to create your portal. After you have posted your job or jobs you can track the traffic through analytics. It shows you the number of jobs posted, portal visits applications started and applications received. It helps you not only keep track of the hiring process, but also alter your hiring strategies according to this data.

Resfly is very simple to use. From creating a job, to creating screening questions and then posting your job. You can actually get all this done in a few minutes. After I signed up for the free trial I could create the job right away. You never have to worry about all the paper work and forwarding emails with Resfly. Resfly’s embedded resume viewer allows you to view any candidate’s resume and then share it with your staff. If you already have some sort of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) don’t worry as Resfly integrates with your current ATS. Another great thing about Resfly is that you never have to sign any long term contracts. Their billing is done on a month to month basis. So if you don’t use Resfly for some time, you won’t be charged just for keeping an account. It works like a pay as you use sort of a service. It has an analytics feature which helps you to keep track of the jobs you have posted and what sort of response you are getting from them, so you can plan your next hiring process strategies accordingly.

Resfly is a great application both in functionality and ease of use. It is especially ideal for small firms and an entrepreneur as it not only saves the amount of time, but also the money involved in the whole hiring process.

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