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Reveal-Ask Me Anything is a mobile application that is supported by many phones that have iOS platform-e.g. iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Reveal is sold by an Iphone-application company called Kindr Inc. Reveal is designed in a way that all you friends and followers can get to know more about you. Reveal gives you the chance to share all your favorite moments at anytime. Reveal is designed in a way that you can easily and effectively answer all the questions with quick and high quality photos and video clips that will reveal your opinions in life, your personality and your creativity-to your friends and followers.

Reveals was developed in way that it gives you the chance to ask questions anonymously and as yourself. These questions can be serious, funny, silly, private and even formal. Reveal is also designed in a way that your inbox is kept safe and secure. You can choose how to answer questions (with a photo or with a quick video clip) and you will also have the chance to choose which questions you want to reply.

Reveal is also designed in an incredible and fruitful way because you will also have the chance to evaluate all the answers from your friends and you will be able to know more about their personal life, their opinions in life and their creativity. This application will also reveal to you more about your friends-there some things that you will only know from your friends by the use of this application. Reveal allows you to know that your allies and friends are crazier than you think, funnier than you think and more loving and open than you can ever think. Reveal is a social network that has higher advantages than other social networks because you will always earn numerous coins for inviting new friends and also by getting likes your content. The coins can be used to get your questions noticed by more users and you can also share these coins with your friends as you progress.

Reveal is designed professionally. It has graphics that are very attractive and favorable. The color systems are also meant to please your eyes most. The graphics also has animated pictures as you login and the icons are very attractive (“the likes” and “the messages” icon). You will also be able to view all the trending news right from the homepage of Reveal. When creating a reveal account you will be required to use your cell-phone number to verify the account, this meant to prevent scammers from interrupting the systems of this application. You should note that the pictures that are not accessible through the application interface are still accessible by some other means even after they expire. You should also note that Reveal has very strict policies that don’t allow any form of bullying. If you violate these policies your account will be suspended and you can also be banned to use this application permanently.

Reveal has a new version (version 1.5.1) that was released on 16th July 2015. The new version has a new logo and it is more fast and effective. Reveal supports only the English language. You can download Reveal from iTunes and you will require a free memory of 51.1 MB. Reveal is an application that is highly rated by all its users because of its informative nature and the ability to earn coins.

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