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DYNAMITE: The only app that can mask your face enables you to record your videos and share them with the public anonymously.

Dynamite app gives you the ability to watch and to record videos on any topic using the perfect face mask like never before. You can now enjoy sharing your stories with the greater public without any fears whatsoever, regardless of how personal, candid, funny or uncomfortable they might be. The app has been specifically designed to get you a perfect face mask to comfortably record and share any stories with the funs out there. Dynamite will definitely make it easy for you to record any short videos with or without the help of the face masks, and the audio or sound filters so as to disguise yourself.

Amazing highlights and features of the Dynamite app

  • The secret to the amazing benefits and the integrity of the app is in its features which include the following;
  • The ability to create videos and to get followers
  • The ability to tell or share your story with the public
  • Ability to invite your friends to join the community
  • Remaining anonymous all the way throughout the recoding and sharing experiences
  • Sharing video and stories without any fears
  • Additional information and description of the Dynamite app features
  • Dynamite app features have continued to make it easy for its users to maximally enjoy the following benefits;

Telling your secrets and stories

It really doesn’t matter the type or kind of interest you have got when it comes to watching and sharing videos as the app guarantees you 100% anonymity. You can share anything such as funny stories, news, serious topics and events regardless of their caliber.

Joining the community or sharing with friends alone

You can successfully create amazing videos that will definitely build or get you those large numbers of followers, or you can just simply decide to share your videos with your friends. The app also gives you the power to control who views or sees your stories or videos at any given time. It gives you the ability to decide who you want to share your stories and videos with, either your friends, family, everyone else or even to hide from your significant others.


Unlike other similar apps, Dynamite does not require or prompt its users to submit any personal details or information that could be personal and sensitive. As a matter of fact, the app protects your privacy or identity, by masking your face. It is upon you to decide how you want to share and appear to your funs, you can either be yourself or you can decide to go anonymous by using the app to mask your face from those accessing your stories.

Sharing without fear

Dynamite offers a great and dynamic community of people with amazing stories to share with others. You will never be judged and you shouldn’t therefore, be afraid of sharing your stories anytime you feel like. You can easily decide to tell or share your story anonymously which means nobody will be able to know the author or narrator of the story as your face will be masked by the app. The motion-tracked face masks as well as the amazing audio filters will make sure that your real identity is nonexistent, not visible to your recipients. It is your story and Dynamite gives you the right to decide how you want to share it. There are lots and lots of features that this app offers and apart from the above mentioned, one can also be babel to see what other people have shared, be able to rate those stories and to type in their comments or thoughts on the same. You should therefore, go on and download the DYNAMITE app today and begin sharing your stories in your own way.

Device compatibility

Kindly note that the DYNAMITE app is only compatible with those devise with iOS 8.0 or later. It is also compatible with iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. It is quite unfortunate that Android users cannot download or enjoy this application.


The app was recently updated to a newer version of 1.0.7 that offers even more great and amazing stuff including the ability to see all of your followers and to follow them back. You can also view all the posts near you and relate to them. All the bugs and some other issues and errors in the previous versions have also been fixed to make sure that all the clients will enjoy using DYNAMITE to the fullest.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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