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Journo is a new application created by Journo Inc that essentially operates as a travel journal. The iPhone and iPad application replace the manual jotting down of notes on phones and books. Journo introduces the new way of journaling and incorporated numerous features such as an ability to attach videos and photographs along with the journal entries. With this advanced feature, one is able to keep memories of their travel and experiences constantly refreshed. Below are some of the features, pros, and cons of the application.

First, the application has three different types of journals customized for users – the project journo, daily journo, and travel journo. The project journo is designed to aid the documenting of projects. Among its features include options to add drawings and hand-written notes and the option of adding videos and photos these journal entries. The daily journo is designed for day-to-day utility. Accordingly, the daily journo feature offers users leeway to jot daily thoughts, to track milestones, to track food intake by creating a food journal, to make lists with images and so forth. This feature also provides the option for adding photos or images. The travel journo is designed for travel and allows users to capture their travel details and experiences. This feature also affords users the option of adding photos and videos.

Secondly, the application incorporates travel maps. It is particularly a feature of the travel journo that enables users to view their route.

Thirdly, the application allows users to directly print out journals from the application. The application incorporates a feature where users can edit the journals to their preferences before printing. Users are able to edit their journals with respect to placement, pictures, color, and fonts.

The application has a sharing feature that allows different users to contribute to the same journal. Therefore, in case several users want to contribute to the same journal, the application affords them ample room. An alternative solution would be the Polarsteps App.


· One of the most formidable pros with this application is that with its ability to track and document the user’s every move, it can be used by law enforcement in cases where someone cannot be found. Whether it is a crime, an accident or journaling, the information kept by the application may be very useful to an individual, relations and law enforcement.

· Furthermore, application’s ability to capture pictorial moments augments the severe limitation of paper journals.

· The application’s ability to print and share journals is cutting-edge since there has never been an ability to contribute to the same journal.

· It has a 14-day trial period and its periodic subscriptions are quite affordable.


· Like is the case with all Apple products, the journo application is only available for iPhone and iPad users. However, the company is launching an Android version in the near future for Android users.

· In case a user does not like their location revealed, the application may be a slight disadvantage.


Overall, the Journo application is the future of journaling. It is more than a quality product that offers users a deviation from the traditional and sometimes cumbersome paper journaling.

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