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It is an unbiased website rating. There are clearly many legitimate businesses. But even legitimate businesses receive many complaints and accusations of “Scam” online. Is the word Scam being abused these days?

Researching the value of websites is a difficult task. Before you spend hours reading reviews and complaints online, arm yourself with our 3 objective indicators like how much traffic does a website get, how long has it been online and how loved is it by Google.

People tend to trust a web site that has been around for a long time. Typically, online scams are perpetrated through very new websites that die off quickly. As soon as the Internet Fraud is discovered, an alert can easily be conveyed to thousands of people almost instantaneously. The fraudulent companies then shut down that website and start again under a new name.

The stars represent how long a website has been registered under its current name, not counting the years during which a pre-existing brick-and-mortar store has been in business.

Google carefully chooses reputable websites to appear in the top listings of their search results. Google values websites that get “endorsements” (links) from other well-known websites.

Google’s “PageRank” is one of the many factors used by Google’s Search Engine Algorithms. The PageRank that Google reveals to the public is not frequently updated, and therefore, should be taken with “a grain of salt”.

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