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A business is always about the relationship between you and your customers. To run a successful business over long course of time, you must make sure that you listen to them because ultimately they are the ones buying your products. For an online business, it’s a tough task to interact with the customers mainly because there’s never any direct communication between the two. They come to your store, buy products and leave. It’s alright if they like your website and they’ll recommend it to others as well. However if they don’t, the message spreads like a wave and results in a big loss to your customer base. The main problem is the lack of a simple and user friendly review tool. No one likes to go through the never ending surveys as they are too long to complete and boring. But there’s a new tool in the market that might change the things.

I am talking about the web app called ReviewRouter ( which helps your users connect with you. Actually, they provide support for review widgets. So after registering with them, you’re open to use their review widgets. Each widget that you use can be completely customized whether it’s the outlook or the content. After you’re finished with the customization, you may add it to any number of websites and start getting reviewed by your customers.

The main advantages of using ReviewRouter are that it’s fast, simple and user friendly. It’s accessible on all devices including laptops, Smartphone and Tablets thanks to their QR coded cards. These cards have a QR code that you can scan using your Smartphone and it will take the user to your ReviewRouter profile page where he/she can write a review. Moreover, you can also send invitations via emails and ask them to visit your website and leave a review.

All the reviews are available for you to read via your profile page. This page is completely customizable whether it’s the design layout, colours or the text, everything. Moreover, you can respond to the reviews from here. You can also add unlimited business listings to your profile and ask users to leave review there as well. But you don’t want any bad reviews on these listings, right? So you can use logics so that only a certain category or review writers are asked to leave reviews on your listings and the rest are just thanked for their support.

There are many different subscription plans for this app and each plan has a 30 day free trial for you to satisfy yourself with their services. You can use this app for as many websites as you want and each website requires a different profile. So the starter package starts at $39.95/month with 1 profile and Email support only and goes up to the Enterprise package that comes at $249.95/month with Email & phone support and developer assistance as well. However, if your requirements don’t match these, you can go for their custom plan.

Overall, this is a very good app and you can see the changes in feedback in the trial pack itself.

Pros: customizable and easy to use widgets; add listings; get reviewed using QR coded cards or invite via emails; free trial packs available for each subscription plan.

Cons: none.

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