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Life always gets bit hectic for me, so I enjoy playing variety of games to take my mind off of things for a bit. If you’ve been following studies people should know that one of favourite genres would be always racing. I’m not sure why, but I’m always drawn to these types of games, as I find them relaxing and so easy to lose hours at a time to them. Road Draw: Hill Climb Rider is one of those titles that bring a smile to my face.

In addition it keeps my mind ticking. Even though it feels like I’ve played almost every game on the App Store & Play Store, I still get a nice surprise every now and then. Those who adore motor racing games they would get satisfaction when they try their hand at Road Draw: Hill Climb Rider.

They are one of the most addictive and entertaining racing games you will find on your Google Play Store & App Store. Perhaps, the good part is that you can download it on your Android smartphone for free, but it also has optional in-app purchases that you could make for adding interest to the game. It is noted that who are in passionate with carefree driving will just fall in love with this game since it is the next generation of motor racing. With Road Draw: Hill Climb Rider downloaded on your smartphone, the players could race on the roads like a god.

This game provides you the challenging mission of climbing the hill in a motorcycle of your selection. No one deny that this game could actually turn out to be thrilling endeavour and is certainly going to offer you an adrenaline boost. When you begin playing Road Draw: Hill Climb Rider, the players would be responsible for drawing the roads and this generally requires you to be very cautious in order to guarantee your motorcycle to overcome any possible obstacles easily.

Among other top things that you will instantly realize about this game is that it is simple to play. It would not take you long to get the hang of it, but mastering Road Draw: Hill Climb Rider is different thing altogether. The players could come across shrunken and dangerous hills which are going to be a threat for your vehicle when you are climbing hills and this actually means that you have to be extremely cautious when doing so. When it comes to vehicles, the players could search wide variety of options at your disposal.

You can come across extraordinary motorcycle models you will find and each has own properties respectively as engine power, suspension and grip. The players could choose a car that’s good at hill climb racing or opt for one that could provide you a whole lot of speed. More importantly it offers you with plenty of creative freedom because you can design your own roads in the way you prefer and it is up to you to sketch as many paths and lines as you want. Moreover, there are two environments to choose from when you play Road Draw: Hill Climb Rider.

More precisely there is Earth and a standard map is available for it, but then there is also Mars. There is also funny gravity settings that could make hill climb racing all the more innovative, but it is certainly one that only expert racers should go for. Interestingly players could play in two weathers; sunny or rainy. While playing the game, you can also collect surprise packages, coins and fuel. It is also noted that ardent physics lovers would also find the game appealing as it makes use of some realistic rules. Amazingly with no need for internet connection, Road Draw: Hill Climb Rider is perfectly what you need to keep yourself entertained.