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If you wanted to learn to play guitar, but don’t have time for lessons, there is a solution to your problem. Now you can learn to play guitar on your iPhone of iPad with the Rock Like the Pros app, developed by experienced guitarist and music teacher Terry Carter. Learn to play guitar on your schedule, with lessons available any place and any time. For only $4.99 a month, you get access to hundreds of high quality videos covering everything from the basics to more complex theory, with more content being added all the time. Whether you are a novice or a more experienced player looking to learn something new, you can really improve your skills this app.

The videos are broken down into three sections: music theory, curriculum, and styles. These are available at four different levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. You can move through these lessons at your own pace, and review previous lessons. The curriculum section offers step-by-step lessons on the basics of playing, such as various techniques. The music theory lessons cover a lot of material, both simple and complicated. It is a very effective way to learn about reading music, playing scales, chord voicing, and much more. The style section covers a wide variety of styles including rock, blues, country, funk, jazz, and Latin. The inclusion of onscreen tabs make these lessons easier to follow, while simultaneously improving your ability to read tabs. These lessons very well done; they are very thorough and make it easy to understand even the more complicated material.

Another impressive feature is the “Jam Tracks” option, which allows to play along with a backing track. It is really important to learn how to play with a band, and this is something that is not taught with most online music lessons. This feature gives you a chance to practice at your convenience, without having to arrange to meet up with a band. Accompanying a band is one of the more difficult parts of learning to play an instrument, and this app gives you ample opportunity to practice. Being able to “lock in” and sync up with a band is of the utmost importance; practice with this as much or as little as you need with this feature.

Furthermore, the app is very well organized and easy to navigate. There is a search option that allows you to easily find whatever you’re looking for, and a “What’s New” section for a quick update. Even if you barely know how to use your iPhone of iPad, you shouldn’t have any difficulty with this app. If you’re still having difficulty of any kind, you can contact Terry Carter through the app.

Overall, this is an excellent way to learn to play guitar, or to expand on the knowledge you have already. The lessons are easy to follow, cover a lot of quality material, are organized well, and are beneficial to players of all skill levels. I would recommend this app to anybody interested in playing guitar. I would rate the Rock Like the Pros app five out of five stars.

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