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Have you ever taken a minute out your busy life and stared at that sky? Those twinkling stars are just amazing to watch. One can even spend a complete day looking and admiring their beauty. But there is much more far beyond our imagination in the outer space that we can just dream to see with our eyes one day. But what will be your reaction if we tell you that we are sending you on a mission to Pluto. Excited? Or are you afraid? If you want to complete this mission, second option is not a choice.

The mission we are talking about is a part of an iOS arcade game, Rocket Space that is available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later. The app has been developed by Ola Games. You will be playing the role of an astronaut. Just launch your rocket and as already discussed, your mission is to reach Pluto. But you will travel all the way to Pluto via different in-between stations like moon, mars, Jupiter and other planets of our solar system. While on the go, you will be encountered by many different obstacles like satellites, balloons, airplanes and strange air ships that might damage your rocket and prevent you from moving ahead. But while escaping these obstacles, you have to collect as much coins for bonus points as you can.

The graphics of the game are average. However, the animations are very good. You have to tilt your phone to give direction to your rocket and the movements were quite real. Other than that, the music is very good and fast as game and keeps the pace going. There are many up gradations available in the app which include different parts of the rocket. These updates will enhance your rocket control and help you to complete the mission. You can also play multi-player on the same device. There are achievements table and leader boards to compare your score with other players. You can also share your high scores with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The game is available for free on App Store but there are many in-app purchases available. These purchases include different coins packages like 5000 coins. This will help you to easily upgrade your rocket parts without worrying about the bonus points you have earned. The different purchases range from $0.99 to $5.99.

Overall, the app is very good and enjoyable. It will take you to a different world for some time. You will just keep on playing more and more missions due to its addictive game play. However, with such a concept, a lot more could have been included. The graphics could have been better but they are still satisfying. Also, it is a free game which is quite indifferent to its features and performance.

Pros: good concept, addictive game play, real-life animations.

Cons: average graphics, limited new stuff.

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