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Internet freedom is a worry of every user who tries to access anything online. There are many VPN apps in Android and Apple stores that are built purposely for that. Rocket VPN is one of the best in its category for providing fast connections when watching videos, or browsing, privacy protection, content unblocking, multiple locations, can be used on many platforms and the creators have invested servers reliability to prevent interruptions for its users.

They have a convenient and affordable premium package which provides unlimited surfing and all locations access.


Rocket VPN helps people surf unanimously with a sense of freedom. It is available in both Android and Apple stores. It works in a professional manner ensuring you get the best services you expect from a VPN. Its unlimited package is billed at US$4.28 monthly and US$25.71 annually. With this package, you get to surf on Unlimited Bandwith in any location with no Ads. You also get 250MB free data when you install the app.

It comes with a beautiful interface and provides a smooth experience when operating it. Rocket VPN allows you to unblock apps and change location right on its home page. It also provides your browsing history and your favorite sites. You are able to choose your destination and connect easily. The menu button at the top right provides you with quick access to the Unlimited package, log in, a section for reporting a problem, sharing the app and FAQS.


User interface

This app is created to work in the background as you launch other apps in your smartphone.After you launch it, a key-like symbol appears on the notification bar. The makers of the app updates it frequently. The application is fast on your device and it takes 15MB of your space after downloading it.

User Experience

The users love the app. It is working well, especially after unlimited subscription. Compared to other VPN apps, Rocket VPN has a better rating. However, there seem to be some problems with the app not connecting and the help team is available throughout to assist you if you face any problem.

Worth Having app – Download from App Store

Worth Having app – Download from App Store


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