Roll Roll Roll all the way! : An App Review

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Reviews | 0 comments

Hello! Rollrollroll is basically a puzzle game with a twist. It can be played by people of all age groups. This game introduces a new way of playing wherein instead of piling or fitting like we currently do in our puzzle games, we have to rotate blocks. These rotations are not random but strategic and we have to be careful not to spoil the puzzle with a wrong rotation.

The story of the game involve characters ‘L’ and ‘R’, so different but so alike. They fall and get stuck in a hole and disappear! Crossing while going, slipping while crossing, hanging while slipping, overturning while hanging, falling while overturning, flying while falling. Sometimes, it seems like they’re inside, other times they’re outside; sometimes they appear, other times they disappear; sometimes they chase, other times they are being chased; but can they really see each other? Are they separate from each other? It is a rolling, spinning world and nothing is what it seems like.

The puzzles are beautifully designed and are fun to solve once you get hold of the logic. The initial puzzles are easy and their prime objective is to have us get used to them before increasing difficulty levels as the game progresses. With over 140 awesome puzzles spread across seven different stages, getting creative is pretty much the only way out to finish the game.

This game allows us to use every bit of physics we can imagine to solve each puzzle; the clearer our concepts are, the easier it would be to move to the next level. What more, it even allows us to challenge physics, get creative with the methods we use to get past each level. With new obstacles such as elevator, water, pipes and teleport facilities being added constantly, getting past the obstacles and moving to be next level gets more and more difficult as well exciting.

Rollrollroll is a game for adventurous gamer in you. providing challenging missions that increase in difficulty. With the touch of a finger, users are able to strategically rotate puzzle blocks to fit and advance to the next level. They keep updating the game with new gimmicks and obstacles pretty frequently so the fear of getting used to the same game play can be flushed.

I have always had high expectations from games by Kaleidospace and this game has helped me raise the bar. I loved everything about Rollrollroll. I loved the funky graphics, I loved the uncertainty of the story-line, I loved the puzzles, I loved the levels and I totally fell in love with ‘L’ and ‘R’.

One spokesperson from the developers said, “This game is not just about killing time, but rather about transporting players into a magical wonderland.” That is just about perfect review for Rollrollroll. You don’t have to believe me, just download the game from the App Store and unleash the magic. My one word review from this game would be “must-have”. If you love adventure, puzzle, or science based games, Rollrollroll is the perfect game you have been waiting for.


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