Roundme : Virtual Tour, But Real Fun !

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Roundme is a simple and a very easy to use free iOS application that will allow every iPhone, iPad or a number of iOS device users the chance to create, share and to explore interactive multimedia content. The advent of this application has literary made virtual tours so simple, as it has taken virtual tours and the ability to take panoramic images to a whole new level. Basically, Roundme application will not only enable you create a set of panoramic images that are interlinked through portals and filled with multimedia content, but it will also give you the chance to have a perfect control over your created spaces, while at the same time enabling you to make them so interactive using hotspots with features such as images, rich text and videos, therefore creating an awe experience for viewers and making your tour and the subject of your tour quite an interesting one.

As a photo editing tool or application, Roundme is there quite a useful and an amazing application that can not only be used in businesses to showcase their facilities and properties on their full potential, but also by the regular iPhone or for ipad users to edit and to add something extra to their panoramic pictures while they get to easily share them through their social networks. Similarly, this app will be able to allow even the most armature photographers the feel that they are not just taking pictures, but rather the feel that they are experienced, solid and real photographers.This app will therefore allows you to spin and to virtually satisfy your wander lust. Well, Roundme contains a whole panorama of possibilities. Such that with it you are not only able to upload, author and publish a lot of panoramic images but also the chance to create virtual tours and fully interactive spaces, while it also contains various multimedia tools that will give an in depth perspective by incorporating still images, texts as well as videos.

This being an application from the Verdom IT projects, it since created a network that is devoted to sharing panoramas and providing virtual tours of some cool places. Such that while viewing photos that have been created by roundme, it literally place you in the shoe of that individual that took the picture. On the other hand, the developers of this roundme application have also seeded it with a number of professionally shot photos not just from skilled panoramic photographers and enthusiast but also from a number of beautiful attractions across the world. In essence, this app will allow you to virtually journey to destinations that you might have not been to anyway. Although, not all the photos are appropriate for all ages, you can always upload your images and look for beautiful shots from various parts of the world that will give your picture an amazing background. Normally, this application is known to be free for almost all iOS devices. However, if you need to install it in other platforms then some permission is necessary and perhaps you might need to be charged a little fee to access this program in a different platform other than iOS.

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