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In the society that we live in today, is heavily oriented by wealth, it’s not everything but for those who don’t have it, can’t achieve success in their life. Money is power which leads to success, and you have to earn it from your efforts. Yes, it’s true. I’m not saying that you should ignore the moral values of a person who is not having money. However, wealth can’t be ignored too. You can’t buy food if you’re poor. Am I right? So, to remain wealthy you have to save your money accordingly and keep track of the spendings whether at home or in your business.

You must be wondering why I’m saying all this. What’s my motive behind this? Wait, today I’m showing you a wonderful app which will help you to figure out needless waste in your company. It’s called ‘Rubber Stamp’. It has been offered by and it’s compatible with all the Android devices having the latest version of the Operating System.

So basically, what Rubberstamp is all about? It is a Purchase Order System that gives you financial control or you can say that it’s a finance and accounting app that provides an instant view of the budget and your spendings, no matter where you’re! It’s a powerful mobile-friendly app that brings purchase order management to your phone and gives you instant control of spending. To begin, you don’t have to login or remember a password. Just put your email-address and follow these simple steps:

  • Set up budgets and invite your colleagues.
  • Submit your purchase request from your device.
  • Managers decide and comment on purchase orders from email and employees attach supporting documentation.
  • Reports are available to download and review that take seconds to read.

With this app, you don’t have to wait for the manager for approval of purchases. It does the work within a few minutes. Your accounting team gets an accurate and complete record of purchases. You can get the data by simply downloading it at any time.

Overall, the Rubberstamp is a user-friendly as well as a time-saving app to manage Purchase Orders. The app is based on real-time that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. It offers better supplier management, spend management and approval routing. It’s much better than the paper systems where purchase orders are approved manually.

The graphics of the app are simple yet attractive. It’s an easy to use app. You’ll be guided at each and every step so you don’t need any training.

This latest version of the app allows you to easily share purchase orders you create with your suppliers and there are lots of improvements done with this app.

It’s the fastest way to sort out your company’s wasted spend with the least amount of effort and time. You can simply download it from the play store which takes just a few seconds. It offers a 14 day free trial. So what are you waiting for? Try Rubberstamp today and end the wasted spend!

Pros: time-saving; 24 hours support; accessible from any device; easy to use; versatile; powerful; real time app; it’s free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Try RubberStamp Today


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