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Most of the mobile devices are privy to sensitive and personal data in which case you would want to secure and protect them. Safe by phnsft is an app that allows you to secure and organize your sensitive data. The app is designed specifically for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Safe capitalizes on the rich user interface that iPhone provides and encrypts all data with super secure 256-bit AES. The fact that NSA certifies the 256-bit AES for top secret information and government use endorses the security and protection that Safe provides. If your iPhone and iPad contains information and images that are personal and confidential, Safe will work as an essential addition protecting all your data. The new version of Safe, v2.9.6 supports iOS 7.


The Safe app not just protects all your data but also helps you organize them,making it easy and convenient for your perusal. By Safe, you don’t have to worry about any information on your device, right from passwords to images and other files. Some of the features that make this app a must have are as follows.

  • Password protection for all your data using 256-bit AES encryption.
  • You can create categories to organize your data. The categories can later be modified and reordered.
  • Predefined templates to store all your information. You could also create custom defined forms in place of the templates. These predefined templates can be used for

– User accounts

– Credit cards

– Bank accounts

– Images

– Addresses

– Text and

– Customized forms

  • You can launch Safari directly from the URL field.
  • Add comments on every item.
  • Auto-lock function turns on the password entry screen every time Safe becomes inactive. This happens when your iPhone gets locked when you receive a call or at other instances.
  • You can easily change passwords and also define the length of the password.
  • The new version saves modified data every minute automatically ensuring zero data loss.
  • Upcoming cloud support enhances syncing of data.
  • Multi generation SHA2 using hardened encryption keys makes for efficient cloud storage.
  • The v2.9.6 also comes with attractive UI enhancements.


When your iPhones and iPads store valuable information; data that you cannot afford to lose or leak, an app like Safe is of utmost importance. Some of the benefits of Safe include

  • A super strong encryption that ensures the protection of your data even in case of loss or theft of the device.
  • Safe also allows you to access your data anywhere and anytime without any hassle.
  • Predefined templates for every form of data from credit cards and bank accounts to images from your camera and photo library makes your job a lot easier in protecting sensitive data.
  • Apart from protecting your information, Safe offers easy options to categorize and organize all your data.


Safe acts as an excellent security for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, protecting and managing all the sensitive data that you have on your device. While going for a safety app, it is imperative that you go with the one that provides strong encryption and easy accessibility. Safe meets those criteria in style and speed. The app now comes at a special discounted price of $2.99.

Good: Stable, fast and easy UI

Bad: Comes at a price. The 45% discount is attractive though.

Worth Having Application : Download the Application


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