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It (online sales tracking software) provides a user interface that very easy to learn and use. They have provided you with only essential functionalities to enable you to focus your time on selling and closing business.

You can create your new sales deals once you initiate one and update its stage along sales cycle. The sales deals are logged with every activity you have done along the pipelineso you won’t miss anything. You can also enter associated tasks to drive your Sales Deals fast, also help you better on track with what you need to do and instantly know where every sales deals are and what you need to do next to push them to the next level.

This online sales tracking software provides you with Tasks alert to inform you what need to be done every time you login to the system. You can easily manage your tasks and get rid hassle of trying to relate sales deals status with tasks. You can see right-away about the tasks, its due date, and what deal this task belongs to in a single place.

It is also provided with Bulletin Board for you to make announcements to your team. This will be handy tool since you can make request, announcement, share information and whatever you can think about.

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  1. Amr Boghdady

    Never knew such a software existed, looking over at the site now

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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